Orquesta Z - Argentine Tango Orchestra
About Orquesta Z
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Sandy Schneiwind, double-bassist
Sandy Schneiwind, double-bassist
Concert double-bassist with the Prometheus Symphony and a professional music therapist in the Bay Area, Sandy brings experience, joy, and solid bass work to OZ.
Barbie Wong, piano & 'ukulele
Barbie Wong, piano & 'ukulele
After studying and teaching music at Stanford and Smith College. Her music career led her to Paris, India and Tibet, (where she received an audience with the Dalai Lama), then to Hawai'i where she hosted a music radio show, and now back to the Bay Area where she is a master piano and 'ukulele teacher.
Wakeford Gong, violin
Wakeford Gong, violin
A UC Berkeley music graduate, violin teacher, and concert violinist for Bay Area musical theater as well as a founding member of the Awesöme Orchestra Collective, and currently teaches in the Bay Area. Wakeford adds a delightful and experienced violin voice.
Victoria Perenyi, violin
Victoria Perenyi, violin
Studying on her own in Buenos Aires under Osvaldo Pugliese's original violinist Marcelo Prieto, then a lead violinist for Daniel Vac's Blistervás Tango ensemble in Buenos Aires, Viki is a highly regarded violin teacher in San Francisco.
Bendrew Jong, director
Bendrew Jong, director
Original founder and director of Orquesta Z since 2011, a life-long Berkeley resident and architect, studied opera and music at UC Berkeley, and composing and singing since writing his high-school musical. A long-time tango dancer who brings his musical knowledge and gifts to all the OZ arrangements, plus vocals, bandoneon, and guitar.
Lynn Ewing, accordion
Lynn Ewing, accordion
Master accordionist, Lynn joins Orquesta Z on special occasions and brings her vast musical skills to the group. Most recent president of the San Francisco Accordion Club.
Tenzin Peterson, cello
Tenzin Peterson, cello
Orquesta Z's newest member is a prodigy from our student outreach. Tenzin is not only an accomplished cellist, but piano and ukulele student of our pianist, Barbie Wong!

In addition to all being life-long musicians, we are tango lovers and dancers who wish to share the passion, the joy, the sadness, and the intimacy that is unique to Argentine tango.

We feel there is room to not only enjoy the richness of the past, but to bring the present into our music, including nuevo tango and our own compositions...but being led by a director who himself is an avid dancer, we know that the key to all of our music is that dancers have to share our passion and joy we have for the tango.

This will be our 9th year of bringing live Argentine tango to the San Francisco Bay Area.  As of 9/23/13 Orquesta Z is a registered California 501(c)3  non-profit.

Bendrew Jong, bandoneon/vocal
Wakford Gong, violin
Victoria Perenyi, violin
Sandy Schniewind, double bass
Barbie Wong, piano
Tinzen Peterson, cello
Lynn Ewing, accordion

Gail Machlis, violin
Jim Shallenberger, violin
Joy Graham, violin
Ingrid Burger, violin
Carol Braves, violin
Catherine Jolly,  cello
Rebecca Trujillo, piano
Colleen Henry, piano
James Shearer, double bass
Resh Michael Ortego, bando/vocal
Didem Kurt, kanun

Mailing Address:
Orquesta Z
Bendrew Jong, Director
241 W J St
Benicia CA 94510
(925) 818-0800